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UCI Staff Assembly is pleased to announce the Staff Assembly Excellence in Leadership Award Program. Employee engagement is a top UCI and UC priority. The purpose of leadership is to excite others to exceptional performance. Leaders inspire employees to focus their individual talents on the goals of the organization and to contribute at the highest level. Effective leaders are also guardians of the culture and exemplars in living the organizations' values. The prize of good leadership is engaged employees. The UCI Excellence in Leadership Award recognizes these exceptional leaders at all levels.

Guidelines for eligibility as well as nomination and award procedures are provided below.


  • Only those managers or supervisors with staff appointments are eligible; academics or students holding staff titles are not eligible.
  • Managers and supervisors may be nominated every year, but may only receive an award every three years (unless manager or supervisor moves to a different job/ department).

Nomination Procedures

  • Any person may nominate an individual manager or supervisor, however if more than one person nominates an individual, they will be asked to work with other nominators to combine their nominations into one document with one contact name.
  • Nomination packets are due by April 11, 2014.
  • Nomination packets must include a completed nomination form, a strong nomination statement, and a copy of the current organizational chart of the supervisor's department (names, titles and percent FTE of direct reports to the supervisor must be listed).
  • At least 50% of the manager or supervisor's direct reports must indicate their agreement with the nomination.
  • Incomplete nomination packets will not be considered.

A Strong Nomination Statement Will

  • Clearly outline the nominee's contribution to the unit/department/school.
  • Include relevant examples/scenarios where the nominee has demonstrated the following leadership competencies: authenticity and integrity and trust, caring and compassion about their direct reports and others and developing their direct reports and others.

To view sample nomination statements click here.

Selection of Awardees

  • The Staff Assembly council will convene a nomination review committee that will select awardees based on the merits outlined in the nominating narrative document.
  • Criteria for selection are demonstration of the following leadership competencies: authenticity and integrity and trust, caring and compassion about their direct reports and others and developing their direct reports and others.
Those nominated will receive a letter from Staff Assembly and the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor congratulating them on their nomination and inviting them to attend the Staff Service Awards, where the announcement of these awardees will be made.


Each award will include:

  • $1000 cash prize
  • A distinctive, personalized memento
  • Awards will be presented at the UCI Staff Service Awards Ceremony in June 2014

To print nomination form click here.

Questions may be directed to Staff Assembly Vice Chair, Dahlia Aguirre (aguirred@uci.edu)

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